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About Alkaline Batteries

Alkaline battery with its technology evolution has witnessed a history of 50 years so far It is usually deemed to be a mature chemistry technology in the global battery industry nowadays. People will have claims, though, about its reliability due to material mal-function, technical process failure, machine defect, etc everywhere in the world currently.

To us, saying is one thing but doing another, especially when doing it well.

Our Q-Lite branded alkaline batteries have been enjoying a fairly good market shares for the past few years, and acquiring a stable growth in annual sales. We have been awarded with a good and sound reputation for our Q-Lite alkaline batteries attributed to our battery outstanding performance on customer sides.

Apart from existing battery model for standard use, as for consumer, shops and super markets, Q-Lite has launched a new high technology model for industrial purpose, which demonstrate its best performance behavior under extremity temperatures and extended life cycles, as for door lock application.

The key point to proudly highlight of our Q-Lite brand alkaline batteries is "Least leakage" among all competitors.

Accordingly, our Q-Lite brand alkaline batteries are becoming more and more to win the hearts of professional customers and end users exceptionally in recent years, either in industrial or consumer segments.