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About Ni-MH Batteries

The current technology of Ni-MH batteries has been a huge advancement since early 1990’s. Nowadays people are obviously enjoying the best use of the advantages that Ni-MH battery technology has brought about through 10 plus years’ exciting evolutions and technical achievements in the worldwide industry. Actually we now should have better reasons to trust in Ni-MH battery properties and its performance behavior for applications vide infra:

  • For industrial backup use with extended life expectancy.
  • High reliability under high temperatures as of 40 degrees, 55 degrees and 65 degrees Celsius.
  • Optimized characteristics under tough low temperatures as of -20, -30 up to -40 degrees Celsius.
  • High drain as of 10C to 20C rate.
  • Superior feature of retaining both capacity and voltage over a long period of time, as of one year to two years without recharging. This is called low self-discharge type, ready to use (RTU) or Sanyo Eneloop technology.

We trust that Ni-MH batteries are to be recommended widely to replace traditional Ni-Cd ones in future.


Currently the cost rapid increase on raw materials such as rare earth, Nickel, may become a critical barrier to taking Ni-MH battery into product development, when the product cost is sensitive on market.

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